Our Story

With a continuous movement of change going through this era, customers have become more aware and conscious about their lifestyle habits; especially when it comes to eating; we want these educated customers get a direct honest and healthy approach for their food habits and help them get the best nutrition in the most effective ways.

One of the biggest barriers a person faces while choosing a healthy lifestyle, is that they don't find the right product which will give them the right nutrition! There is where Fitlicious comes into picture!!

"Healthy" is merely a termed word in the Food industry, where many snacks are termed as "healthy" but are not on the honest perspective or if they are; they arent that tasty enough. There is a need for snacks which are healthy, yet delectable enough at the same time.

Fitlicious is started to bridge this gap between the end healthy user and their nutrition necessities. Fitlicious provides flavour, taste, health conscious products keeping in mind different varities for different customers.

Creating food products that are both honestly healthy and delectable is our motto and that's what our consumers love about us.

We aim for our Indian Consumers a good wellness, healthiness clubbed with immense flavours that will touch your tastebuds and make you want to eat healthy food more instead of opting for junk food!

Our super seeds are rich with seeds of grains, fruits and much more to retain their raw strength and lead a good nutritive life to the consumer.

The perfect munch ons for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or and evening snack! Meet your favourite super tasty substitute for skipping junk food.

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Why do we do this?

All the consumers at the end have only one thing in mind: I want a healthy yet tasty meal for my body that keeps me active.

This is where Fitlic comes into picture. We want to enrich your body with health not forgetting your taste buds being the typical indian we are; wanting a flavoursome meal in each bite!

Our Roots

Two friends Kunal and Dipti, being super foodies turned to set out their venture and love for healthy food in a beautiful combination of Honestly Healthy products for the customers! 

The main change you will see in the Fitlic product is that, the founders kept in mind their lifestyle and carefully monitoring ttheir routine life; decided to bring a change to their and others lives as well using the method of Honestly Healthy Eating.

They went on a spree to search for exsiting healthy products and could find less options in the Indian market and decided : Yes this was the way to go for them! to bring change in people lifestyle.

Our Mission

At Fitlicious, we aim to create, develop and promote snacks that are safer of the body; healtheir for the organs and better for our planet. Not forgetting the Indian taste buds ofcourse!

Our aim is to deliver such honestly healthy products to PAN India cities and increase the awareness for a healthy and better lifestyle for our consumers.

Our Focus point is to create honestly healthy meals for an array of consumers who are looking to change their lifestlye to a healthy sustainable way with their families and friends to make this world even a better and happier place to live.